ConsoliAds Features


Network section gives comprehensive reports of all the ad networks being used in your applications i.e. Request, Impressions, Clicks, CTR and fill rate. From there you can drill down into specific ad network to view reports only related to that ad network. At a specific ad network screen there are apps list using that ad network you can drill down further more into a specific app to view reports related to select ad network and app. There are filters you can apply to get more specific results.


Brands represents each account on google play or app store, in other words they are containers for your apps and each app must be associated to a brand. While creating a new brand on consoliads the information you will specify will be used against the apps that are in that brand. Which means support email and more apps url will be same for all apps in that brand.

Brand package prefix

Package prefix is compulsory for a brand to make sure when a new app is created it is assigned its related brand only, because there are different ways an app can be created, therefore the new app package should have the package prefix of its brand.
Brand Name: Sugar Pot
Brand Package Prefix: com.sugarpot
Application Package:


There are three ways an app can be created.

  • In your ConsoliAds admin panel going into app section and creating through providing necessary information.
  • When a developer configure settings through unity editor in this case application package is compared with all the brands package prefix and assigned to the matching brand.
  • Bulk Import apps and ad ids

    With bulk importing apps and ad ids apps are also created, this can be done by going into app overview and selecting bulk import on top right section of the page. In bulk import section there is a CSV template in which you enter all your apps details and ad ids and upload it. While uploading, if your app already exist then only ad ids are inserted or overwritten. If you are trying to import an app of which brand you do not have rights to then it is skipped.

Import App from store

You can import your app from its related store (Google play or App Store) that will bring your app icon, category and other important information which are helpful for consoliads. Import App feature is only available after an application has been created and by going into your app's details. Import App only works one time for each version of your app to avoid extra hits.

Scenes and Ads

Scenes are groups for ad list, they represent each of your scene in your game. Scenes are added from unity editor and are uploaded on configure server form unity. Each scene has a failover Ad in case of any ad failed to show in that scene.

Ads List

Ads list can be modified any time and can have different ads for different regions and ads for all regions which optimizes your eCPM and revenue.

Show Ad mechanism

When showAd is called in unity there are two ways ads can be shown for the required scene.

Round Robin

Ad is shown one by one for each call. For example in first call first ad is shown and second call will show second ad and so on, and if an ad fails to show then the failover ad of that scene is shown.


Ad list is sorted based on each ad's priority you set and when showing ads 1st ad is shown every time and if it fails only then next ad is shown and so on through out the list. failover ad of that scene is not used in this case. NOTE: Priority mechanism is only supported for SDK v1.1.0 and above.

Sequence Template

If you want multiple apps or a single app to have particular scenes and ads then you can create a sequence template consisting of your desired scenes and ads and save it. Sequence template overwrites app scenes and ads, they can be applied in bulk to multiple apps or only to a single app.

Apps creative sets and frames

Creative sets are ad images that are used for advertisements. you can create multiple creative sets against an app by going into app details and creative list option.
Frames are used to put creative images inside them to make ad look better. There are default frames for all apps but you can also upload custom frames. You can also upload Close Button otherwise default will be used.
Image sizes for creative sets and frames are as follows.

Close Button Size: 60x60


Campaigns can be used to advertise or publish ads/apps through ConsoliAds ad network. There are three types of campaigns as described below.

Cross Promotion:

With cross promotion you can advertise your app in your other apps, and you will not get any revenue in this case.

Network Publishing:

With this campaign you can publish other companies ads and earn revenue.

Network Advertising:

This campaign is to advertise your application in other companies apps.

Campaign overview gives you all the reports about you eCPM, CTR, IR, revenue earned etc.

App Groups

App group allow you to categories/group your apps together and you can select these group while creating a campaign.

User management

You can manage your users according to your brands and their rights on different features of consoliads.
Each user has a role and some default rights against those roles, but you can fully customize rights against any role.
You can configure users brand rights and the emails they receive.

Help and support

For any query you can contact our support through the help option drop down selecting support and submitting your query, we will get on with you right away. You can give us any suggestion that might help us improve ConsoliAds.