Question 1: I am unable to configure Consoliads with unity Inspector.

Step #1

Selected Ad Network

Step #2

Contact Support Personnal

  • If you are still unable to configure Kindly Contact our support personnal or Email us at

Question 2: I have Successfully integrated Consoliads in my unity inspector Now i want to test whether my integration is successful or not?

Step #1

Android Manifest Verification. Manifest should look like in the screen-shot below.

  • The manifest should contain activity tag (Activity mapping of corresponding adnetwork) like shown below
  • The manifest should contains permissions tag also.

Step #2

Make sure ad-ids are entered properly in portal ConsoliAds Ids section

Step #3

Portal Update Time

If you have recently updated the portal or pressed configure server then wait for some time as our server takes a maximum of 15 minutes to reflect the changes on devices.

Step #4

Server connection verification (unity inspector as per portal when playing form unity editor)

  • Click on play button in unity inspector and select ConsoliAds prefab from scene
  • The prefab would have AdSequence populated and Ad ids would also populate in Prefab. As in below Screen Shot

Question 3: I have Successfully integrated Consoliads in my unity inspector and have tested sample ads but ads from mediation ad-networks are not appearing.

Step #1

Scene Exists in Scene & Ads Tab in your app.

Step #2

Check is Hide Ad Disabled in AppDetail at Consoliads portal.

Step #3

Enable The Mediation log on Consoliads portal

Step #4

Ad Showing Exception

  • You should have android studio installed
  • ADB in working condition
  • Open android monitor on android studio
  • Come in Logcat tab
  • Select LogLevel Verbose
  • Add “Unity ” in filter
  • And No filters from filter level

Step #5


If everything looks fine but ads are still not showing then try using vpn

  • Install some popular VPN on android device
  • Change region from VPN.
  • Restart app.
  • See in the Screen Shot below

Step #6

Use Test Ads

Go to Problematic Ad-network website -> Login and turn on their test ad ( if available ) for the app you are testing.

Question 4: I am facing manifest merge issue during build for android in unity 5.6.2.

Step #1

Open Android Manifest Assets -> Plugins -> Android -> AndroidManifest

Step #2

Add xmlns:tools= in tag and tools:replace="android:allowBackup" in tag.

Question 5: I am Facing Dex Issue after adding Vungle Adnetwork.

Step #1

Open Directory Assets -> Plugins -> Android -> libs

Step #2

Make sure all libraries have single version if multiple versions of same library exists than remove extra versions because only any of one version requires. tag and tools:replace="android:allowBackup" in tag.

For example:

Question 6: I am Facing Dex Issue after adding multiple Adnetwork at a time.

  • Remove any already added network because unity have method limit 65K if methods exceed of that limit unity not compile the build.
  • Make Sure both adnetworks not added (Kidoz & Vungle) same time, if exists than remove any of them. These two network not compile at a time.

Question 7: I added Facebook AdNetwork now unity is not making build for android.

Step #1

Make sure facebook audience plugin requires minimum Unity 5 or greater.

Step #2

If Upper steps verified than for facebook plugin you have to change build settings.

  • Open following settings. File -> Build Settings .
  • Here change Build System to (Gradle New).

Question 8: Why my live app is not showing the same ads as configured in ConsoliAds portal?

Make sure that you have synced app before giving an app update. This is to make sure that prefab are in sync with current settings

Question 9: How can I manage filters (such as age ratings and content) for my apps on auto- integration?

In the app details, you will see “Ad Filters” tab. Click on the tab and choose the relevant ad-network. You can then manage your ad filter preferences and save them.