Question 1: I am unable to configure Consoliads with unity Inspector.

Step #1

Selected Ad Network

Step #2

Contact Support Personnal

  • If you are still unable to configure Kindly Contact our support personnal or Email us at support@consoliads.com

Question 2: I have Successfully integrated Consoliads in my unity inspector Now i want to test whether my integration is successful or not?

Step #1

Android Manifest Verification. Manifest should look like in the screen-shot below.

  • The manifest should contain activity tag (Activity mapping of corresponding adnetwork) like shown below
  • The manifest should contains permissions tag also.

Step #2

Make sure ad-ids are entered properly in portal ConsoliAds Ids section

Step #3

Portal Update Time

If you have recently updated the portal or pressed configure server then wait for some time as our server takes a maximum of 15 minutes to reflect the changes on devices.

Step #4

Server connection verification (unity inspector as per portal when playing form unity editor)

  • Click on play button in unity inspector and select ConsoliAds prefab from scene
  • The prefab would have AdSequence populated and Ad ids would also populate in Prefab. As in below Screen Shot

Question 3: I have Successfully integrated Consoliads in my unity inspector and have tested sample ads but ads from mediation ad-networks are not appearing.

Step #1

Scene Exists in Scene & Ads Tab in your app.

Step #2

Check is Hide Ad Disabled in AppDetail at Consoliads portal.

Step #3

Enable The Mediation log on Consoliads portal

Step #4

Ad Showing Exception

  • You should have android studio installed
  • ADB in working condition
  • Open android monitor on android studio
  • Come in Logcat tab
  • Select LogLevel Verbose
  • Add “Unity ” in filter
  • And No filters from filter level

Step #5


If everything looks fine but ads are still not showing then try using vpn

  • Install some popular VPN on android device
  • Change region from VPN.
  • Restart app.
  • See in the Screen Shot below

Step #6

Use Test Ads

Go to Problematic Ad-network website -> Login and turn on their test ad ( if available ) for the app you are testing.